What is the Area-wide?

What is the Area-Wide Project?  and What can it do for you?......

The Area-wide is an USDA-ARS funded project to address the spread of invasive annual grasses and implement ecologically-based prinicples of management to limit infestations throughout the Great Basin. Our main focus is two species of grasses:  cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) and medusahead (Taeniatherum caput-medusae).  

By utilizing the Ecologically-based Invasive Plant Management (EBIPM) model the Area-wide project can provide you with a step by step method and the necessary tools to effectively manage invasive annual grasses.

Our Vision …

Achieving greater and more cost-effective success over invasive annual grasses using EBIPM where managers strive to address the cause of weed invasion rather than just treating the weeds.  

Our Mission

Establish and maintain healthy, functionally diverse plant communities that are resistant to invasion and repeated wildfires, increase forage production and enhance wildlife habitat using EBIPM principles.

Our Goal…

Bring together a broad array of state and federal land managers, researchers, ranchers and policy-makers to develop and implement a comprehensive, regional EBIPM program to address ecosystems threatened and dominated by cheatgrass/ medusahead. 

Planned Outcomes …Initiated in 2008, those working on the Area-wide project are taking a 3 point approach to implement EBIPM 1. assessment of a annual grass infestations, 2. research to develop the EBIPM model and strategies to implement EBIPM and 3.  demonstraton and education to enhance the utilization and awareness of EBIPM.  Planned outcomes include:

  • Landscape scale and small plot research in 5 watersheds throughout the Great Basin to add to the available information on invasive grass infestations. 
  • EBIPM decision support tools and step by step guidelines for land managers.
  • Implementation of Weed Prevention Areas to protect land not yet infested.
  • Extensive economic analysis of benefits and costs of implementing EBIPM as well as costs associated wtih not limiting invasive infestations. 
  • Historical reseach of past land managment practices and how it relates to present day landscape
  • Field schools with on the ground training of EBIPM for land managers and ranchers.
  • Train the Trainer seminars and workshops for sustaining the advancement of EBIPM and invasive grass management. 
  • Awareness campaigns for the general public about the threat of invasive species.
  • Developing mapping software for low-cost sample mapping of invasive species.
  • Host an international symposium on invasive annual grasses.


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Area-wide Project Contacts:

USDA-ARS Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center - Burns, OR.

Website: http://oregonstate.edu/dept/eoarc/

67826-A Hwy 205

Burns, OR 97720

Phone:  541-573-8900  

Fax: 541- 573-3042 


Area-wide project Coordinator: 
Dr. Roger Sheley – Ecologist
USDA-ARS Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center
Phone: 541-573-8938
Email: roger.sheley@oregonstate.edu 


Education / Outreach Coordinator: 
Dr. Brenda Smith – Research Scientist
USDA-ARS Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center
Phone: 541-573-4084
Email: brenda.smith@ars.usda.gov


Publications Editor: 

Ryan Steineckert

Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center

Phone:  541 573-8921

Email: ryan.steineckert@oregonstate.edu


Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center Cooperating Scientists:

Dr. Tony Svejcar - Rangeland Scientist/ Research Leader

Phone: 541-573-8901

Email: tony.svejcar@oregonstate.edu


Dr. Chad Boyd - Rangeland Scientist

Phone: 541-573-8939



Dr. Jeremy James - Plant Physiologist, Director & Extension Rangeland Specialist

UC Sierra Foothill Research & Extension Center

Phone: 530-639-8803
Email: jjjames@ucanr.edu