How much could prevention save you?

Estimating Prevention Benefits model
Are you beginning to worry about land you manage because of infestations of invasive plants? If you're starting to realize invasive plants may soon lead to increased economic challenges, it's a good idea to start thinking about prevention. But it's difficult to justify the cost of prevention without knowing what the benefits might be. That's where the Estimating Prevention Benefits model can help!   Weed Prevention Area sign

About this Model 

There's no question that livestock forage is diminshed with the infestation of invasive plants like cheatgrass and medusahead. For land managers and producers, this creates a challenging decision between spending money to treat the weeds or face the loss in forage.

This model was developed to help determine the potential harm to forage production caused by invasive plants. The model estimates the potential income that could be saved by preventing invasive plants from invading and displacing forage on the land you manage. The model does this by considering how much you pay for a single AUM and then by using a logistics growth curve and the time value of money formula to calculate potential losses. The model includes cells for your input based on your personal farm, ranch, or land. This information is used to compare the natural spread rate of invasive species with what you estimate will happen if your prevention efforts slow that spread rate.

Keep in mind this is only a rough estimate and should be only one of a number of tools used to help create prevention plans for the land you manage.

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