Crooked River Weed Management Area Guide

With the rapid expansion of noxious weeds, management of these invasive species is becoming one of the most pressing issues for many private landowners and public land managers. Using a structured and logical approach to focus control efforts where they will do the most good, land managers and owners can protect and enhance the value of their properties.

The Crooked River Weed Management Area's manual, "SEVEN EASY PIECES: A TOOL FOR MANAGING NOXIOUS WEEDS ON YOUR LAND" presents seven easy steps for the preparation of an integrated weed management plan which can be tailored to a specific site.

Download the document (PDF) or to order your copy today, contact:

The Crooked River Weed Management Area
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Prineville, OR 97754
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Seven Easy Pieces: A Tool for Managing Noxious Weeds on Your Land