Weed Prevention Areas

Establishing a Weed Prevention Area user's guide


Our guideline, 'Establishing a Weed Prevention Area A step-by-step user's guide', shifts the focus of weed management from reacting with expensive restoration to taking a proactive and more economical approach, prevention. This guide provides groups interested in setting up a viable prevention program in their area with the steps and resources to initiate and develop a weed prevention area.

It's a subtle shift in thinking but it can have huge payoffs for landowner groups working to keep their land and resources healthy.

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Preventing weed invasions is the most cost and time effective way of managing invasive species because prevention is a proactive approach. 

What are Weed Prevention Areas? 

Often part of a Coordinated Weed Management Area, Weed Prevention Areas are made up of unified community members sharing common goals to protect land resources from invasive weeds through coordinated implementation of group- designed integrated plans of prevention, early intervention, and ecosystem management.

These plans developed though a series of meetings include:  

  • A plan for mapping areas to delineate weed-free areas, areas at risk for invasive species and those areas with infestations of invasive species  
  • Developing and implementing prevention strategies
  • Developing and implementing educational programs
  • Developing and implementing early detection and alert systems
  • Designing eradication programs for new infestations


Check out what WPA member ranchers in Cache Valley, Utah are doing to manage medusahead:

"Cache ranchers use helicopter to control weeds"
PARADISE - Ranchers in Cache Valley used a helicopter this week to help in the control of Medusahead Rye.
Ranchers have joined forces and enlisted the help...(click here to read the entire story)
a mature medusahead seedhead


Some tools to help your weed prevention efforts in your community:

Weed Wheel

"Establishing Weed Prevention Areas and Evaluating Their Impact" An Academic Poster by Stephanie D. Christensen for the Western Society of Weed Science Academic

 The Weed Wheel
management strategies to prevent the spread of invasive weeds by preventing seed dispersal
Simple instructions to create your Weed Wheel

Download the PDF and print your Weed Wheel

"Establishing Weed Prevention Areas and Evaluating Their Impact- an academic poster presented at the Western Society of Weed Science annual meeting