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Ecologically-based invasive plant management (EBIPM)  combines state and transition models and successional management as a framework to make the best management decisions for a given landscape based on ecological principles.

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"Science-Driven Invasive Plant Management

One of our problems as land managers has been the failure to recognize that when we see invasive species begin to establish, the weeds themselves are not the actual cause of the problem. The weeds are merely a symptom of the problem. The real problem is, more often than not, an ecological process in disrepair. These ecological processes in disrepair are what drive a plant community to change. 

EBIPM provides the scientific principles so managers can combine their knowledge and experience with ecology to make decisions that have a greater likelihood of success and sustainability.

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How can EBIPM help you manage invasive annual grasses 

Improve rangeland health: Rangeland resources are improved by determining site specific management.  EBIPM offers solutions rather than prescriptions.

IPM that addresses the cause not the symptom:  Invasive annual grasses may be symptoms of either natural or human caused disturbances.  EBIPM addresses the causes of annual grass infestations in the effort to achieve sustainable rangeland.

Decision support: EBIPM offers you a broad array of decision support tools to get positive results for effective land management.  There are many tools to be employed as invasive infestation management is undertaken.

Step by Step process:  The EBIPM model provides a straightforward method for dealing with complex biological systems.  EBIPM is flexible and allows managers to adjust IPM. 

Implementing EBIPM In the Field: tackling invasive plants with science-based solutions

One of the toughest challenges land managers face is the advancing infestations of invasive weeds. Treating weeds is often really only treating a symptom. To be successful, managers must 'get to the roots' of the problem and treat the underlying cause of invasion. 

The video below, "Implementing EBIPM" takes you into the field with the range ecologists and scientists and plant physiologists who've developed this decision-making process that offers science-based solutions to assist managers in applying treatments that work best for your specific situation.

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"Implementing EBIPM" provides a broad overview of the EBIPM framework which offers the ability to fix what is ultimately causing the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.

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